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  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Christina family session

    I remember Jarren when he was just a little baby.. I used to babysit him back in high school! He was such a shy little boy then, but now he is so outgoing! He was up for anything this shoot, whether it be running to get on location, or kissing his mommy and baby sister, who was absolutely adorable. I’m finding I am getting better with certain techniques when shooting, like avoiding too much sun/shadow exposure on faces depending on how or where I shoot. I am also working on making the experience more comfortable for my clients. One problem we had with this shoot was that there were spiders everywhere! So I am going to look into some materials, like a rake or something, that might help get those out fo the way when on location, or at least thinking into that when picking them out. Otherwise, this session was a lot of fun!

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    Welcome to my tumblr. blog for Nothing Less Photography! My name is Nikki, and over the course of the past year, I have taken on taking pictures as a hobby and a side job, and have debated turning it into a career. I see photography as a journey, one in which I am slowly learning the techniques and how to better perfect my photos. I know I have quite a long way to go, and have merely taken baby steps along the path, but I will use this blog not just to showcase my sessions, but to point out things I learn and would like to work on along the way. For booking info, e-mail me at nikki_lawr@yahoo.com




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