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  • video post  Tue, Jan. 31, 2012

    Ana Baza Family Session

    This is my biggest family shoot yet! There was 25 + people there, and I’m pretty sure we got shots of everyone. The afternoon was a little overcast, with the sun coming out every 10 minutes or so, so I tried to make the lighting work as well as possible. We made our way over the property pretty well, the grass was still golden so I worked it into the color hue in the editing. My favorites in these were the individual couples photos, these were some of the cutest I have seen so far! They were so happy and comfortable together, and the shots came so naturally. :)

  • video post  Tue, Jan. 17, 2012

    Thomas 1 Year/Brennan Family session

    Another shoot with the Brennan boys! And this time, mommy and daddy as well! These pictures were taken for Thomas’s one year photos. It was a chilly morning, but they boys were all in great spirits and had a lot of fun playing in the grass. Because of the dead grass, it gave a golden hue to the background, which went great with the clothing color scheme. It was a great winter session, and my first of the new year, so I was super excited. They turned out great!

  • video post  Fri, Dec. 30, 2011

    Braxtyn 1 Year session

    Happy birthday baby Braxtyn! Who’s birthday is the day I write this blog. :) He was such a good boy during this shoot, considering that he was just getting over a cold, and the weather that day had been pretty chilly. We found, however, that the weather helped a lot on location with eliminating the concern for spiders. With this shoot, Siara wanted some pictures with 1 year messages, so I was excited to finally get to try out some fonts (although they are not included in the ones in this blog, obviously). I think they look really good, though, like something you could use as an album cover. I think I will start using graphics more often.

  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Christina family session

    I remember Jarren when he was just a little baby.. I used to babysit him back in high school! He was such a shy little boy then, but now he is so outgoing! He was up for anything this shoot, whether it be running to get on location, or kissing his mommy and baby sister, who was absolutely adorable. I’m finding I am getting better with certain techniques when shooting, like avoiding too much sun/shadow exposure on faces depending on how or where I shoot. I am also working on making the experience more comfortable for my clients. One problem we had with this shoot was that there were spiders everywhere! So I am going to look into some materials, like a rake or something, that might help get those out fo the way when on location, or at least thinking into that when picking them out. Otherwise, this session was a lot of fun!

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  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Lahoma family session

    What a beautiful Sunday morning this was! The sunlight was just starting to come over the trees and it gave the area a golden glow. I have noticed my sunlight and blocking the sun spot technique is working very well. All of these people were very fun to work with and wanted to try many different things, so I got a lot of playful and laughing shots. I happen to think Lahoma and her husband are very photogenic! And I got to get some more of her and baby Olivia.

    This grassy area is now a token favorite of mine.

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  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Brennan boys Holiday session

    These wittle boys were so cute! All brothers at different stages of childhood. The morning was overcast, but I think it helped a lot by evening out the lighting, and it was still bright enough not to need a flash. Most of the time was spent trying to get “Turtle” to smile - but once he did it was like fireworks, bright and beautiful! I really enjoyed the southern/rustic feel of their pond and wanted to bring it into their photos, like 3 boys just playing in the woods. The water was very helpful with distorting the background for a cool effect.

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  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Kason Holiday session

    One of my favorite things about taking pictures is getting to see the steps of growth through repetitive customers. I was so pleased when Ashlee asked me to take Kason’s first pictures - or, should I say, first pictures out of the womb - because I also got to shoot her baby shower and maternity photos, which was my first of each. This shoot was the first I got to use for this location, and I had been waiting and wanting to use it so bad for the perfect shoot. I am content to say that this was it :). I don’t know if it’s just me or coincidence, but I always get to shoot the most well behaved babies.. Kason was so reserved and quiet, and posed like such a model. I was very much in love with his eyes.

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  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Peyton Christmas/1 Year session

    I think this has been by far my favorite shoot. I was very excited to take Peyton’s pictures, she is such a sweet baby who doesn’t fuss and is so happy. Because of her illness, she is in the hospital a lot, so we had to work around her schedule, but we managed to get her pictures done right before her birthday with a couple of weeks to spare. I was completely in love with her tutu.

    With this shoot, I messed around with the sun placement and found a style I really enjoy.

  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Le-Ann/Wyatte session

    This shoot took place place also in the courtyard around my house, with is very floral and has a beautiful dock overlooking the water. Wyatte was such an handsome, well behaved little boy, and he had lots of fun playing with the rocks along the path. Most of the shots from this session were shot casually, as in not so much sit-and-posing, because he was all over the place, lol. It was really refreshing, though, because in the process it was teaching me how to get those natural shots. When editing, I opted with using more contrast, because Le-Ann has an amazing smile and complexion, and I felt it brought it out a lot more. I also began testing with exposure and sun spots with this shoot, I thought it gave a cool effect. ;)

  • video post  Tue, Dec. 27, 2011

    Tiffani family Christmas session

    This was the first of my Holiday sessions, and baby Brylan’s first pictures. :)

    The weather outside was perfect, though a bit windy. The location was beside a small pond with an island and a gazebo, and a wooden bridge, but we didn’t go over to the island and just stayed along the path. I did pictures of Roy and Ky back in April for Easter, so it was exciting to see how much they’ve grown into beautiful little children. One thing I learned, or realized rather, from this shoot was how much I’d like to get a macro lens so I can get sharper images out of my close ups, like the pictures of baby Brylan. He was just too cute! This camera does a pretty good job, and got all of the intricate details of his face, I would really like some detailed newborn eyes, though. I really enjoyed this shoot for many different reasons. They are such adorable babies!

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